What is the ranking?

The ranking is a points system that reflect the total performances of all the athletes competing in the "AWP Ranking Events".  The "AWP Ranking Events" are the one published on the main page of this website that fit the Race standard defined by AWP. 

How the points are calculated?

The way to calculate the points is similar to the ICF one. For each race points are assigned to all competitors that enter the semifinal phase according the following formula:

Points =PhaseFactor + k * (time / winner time  - 1) + QualityFactor 



time= time in second of the final run or semifinal run; 

PhaseFactor= 0 for finals, 10 for semifinals (only in case of same course of finals) 

QualityFactor= Average of the best 5 ranking points of the participants. 0 is for World Championship and all races of 2019. If a race don't have any person on the ranking system it will get a 20 QF. 

The best 2 results of the past 36 month are averaged to define the final ranking of the athlete.  If only one race is available a 999 will be used as a second score. 


How to apply for "Ranking" races

Event organizer can apply to host a "ranking" race if the event follow the  Race standard defined and the directors approve the request. Contact us sending your application. 

A full result file is requested after the competition to make the calculation. Read Result file standard for more information. 


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