AWP - Race guidelines for Extreme kayak Championship

In order to assure a spectacular race and common standards, the events can apply for the Championship and ranking races if they follow these guidelines:


  • Whitewater: High quality (preferably class V)
  • Length for finals: Sprint run (around 1 min)
  • Line and gates: Ideally no gate or mandatory lines. Directional downstream gates can be accepted if necessary. 

Race format

  • Qualification format: Open qualification + some round of quarter-semi finals (time based advised)
  • Final format: One run (10-20 competitors)
  • Kayak rules: need to follow the standard rules

Event Organization

  • Good event organisation and good prizes (the more the better!)
  • Easy logistics and accommodation
  • Good media coverage (Live show of the finals it would be awesome)


In order to assign the title of world champion:
  • more than 60 participants  are required for open category
  • more than 15 nations are required for open category
  • more than 15 participants are required for woman category
  • more from 5 nations are required for woman category
  • more than 15 participants are required for C1 category
  • more from 5 nations are required for C1 category

Transgender policy

The AWP has decided to adopt the current IOC guidelines and rules for the transgender athletes. IOC rules has changed at the end of 2021. 

We acknowledge that this matter is a relatively under-researched field and that there is no clear-cut solution. In order to avoid unhealthy treatment and unnecessary tests, and taking in account the history of extreme races,  AWP has decided as follow:  

In order to promote inclusion and a fair competition for everybody AWP has defined the following categories for the gender inclusion: 

- Open: anybody, no matter the gender, can take part to this category

- Women: reserved to biological female (declared female at birth) 

Temporary rules for Russian Athletes 

Athletes are not allowed to compete under the Russian flag. Any reference to Russian Federation and any comment or banner supporting the actual wars is forbitten during the competions. 


updated on 10/1/2023



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