In order to be able to import results for the AWP ranking, we need to receive the results and the participant list in a standard format. 

Participant list

The participant list should contain all the participant who took part to the qualification in a simple CSV list. One file for open, one for women. 

Race Results 

The Result file should be formatted in CSV in the following way:

For both women and Open category:

- one file for finals

- one for semifinals (without finalist)

Format of the csv line:   position; name surname; time in seconds; 

Example Finals file:

1;mario rossi;102.45;

2;john smith;104,23;



Example Semifinals file:

16;robert part;122.23;

17;james ben;125.21;


One record for each competitor. Please make sure to use real name of the competitor and correctly spelled. A spelling mistake can make the import fail. 


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