AWP - Kayak Standard rules

Rules are going to change from 1/1/2023. The future rules can be found here: Kayak rules for 2023 

The kayaks need to fulfill the following standards to take part at the races:
(Single events can add rules for safety reasons)

  • made of PE plastic
  • boats with a maximum length of 275 cm (9 feet)
  • with a minimum weight of 18kg (complete)
  • a large cockpit that the paddler can escape from easily
  • with high volume ends that encourage the boat to resurface quickly
  • with similar volume in both the front and rear of the boat 
  • the boat tail should have enough volume to avoid the paddler to sink it on flat-water
  • must be fitted with a full plate footrest or similar (Yakima type touring footrests are not permitted. Solid foam foot plates are allowed)
  • with a minimum of two attachment points in the front (in front of the paddler) and a minimum of two attachment points at the rear (behind the paddler), or alternatively one attachment point in the front and three attachment points in the back, that are strong enough to rescue a pinned kayak (at least 500 kg)
  • with no constructional changes that could impact the safety standards. Handles, full plate footrests and pillars must not be removed!
  • with no constructional damage, in particularly open cracks in the shell of the boat

Not approved boats

List (not complete) of kayak commercial model that do NOT fulfill the standards above: 

  • Jackson Nirvana (only size L)
  • Jackson antix
  • Waka Steeze (all versions without pod)
  • Waka Goat
  • Exo Rexy
  • Pyranha Ripper
  • Pyranha Fusion II
  • Pyranha Rebel
  • Pyranha Z.ONE
  • Pyranha MASTER TG
  • Liquidlogic Braaap 69
  • Liquidlogic Party Braaap
  • Liquidlogic Mullet
  • Liquidlogic Stinger
  • Dagger Rewind
  • ZET Chili
  • Perception SuperSport
  • Eskimo Kendo

Please note that this list is not complete. It's just an example of boats that do not fill the rules. If you your boat is similar to some model above, it's probably not allowed in the race.  

AWP gear rules

Each paddler must wear a whitewater helmet (EN 1385) and a whitewater PFD with safety harness and quick release belt.

More details about gear are normally defined from the race organizer to fit the safety standards required by the river conditions.


These rules are necessary in order to: 

  • Safety First. The creek kayaks are the safer boats to run class V runs. All safety feature must be in place to ensure the maximum safety level. 
  • Allow everybody to use the kayaks available on the market at standard prices. AWP want to avoid specialized boat for racing that could be reserved only for rich paddlers or sponsored ones. 
  • Involve the maximum number of kayakers to take part at the races with the their creek kayaks.   
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